Boasting, Hubris, and One Exceptional Birthday Present

Vogels 2015 shortlist

IMAGE: The Vogel’s Shortlist (The Weekend Australian, 18-19th April, 2015)

I’m not very good at boasting.  I’m just a completely awesome person that way.

…See what I did there?  Seamless.

But this past week I had the extraordinary honour of being one of four writers shortlisted for the Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award for my as-yet-unpublished manuscript, Sign. 

If you are interested in reading an extract from the work, or seeing my pasty, egg-shaped face (the photographer from The Australian performed some kind of dark magic and made me look vaguely human), you can find the announcement article here on The Australian’s website.

The entire experience has been delightful.  From the welcome and kindness shown by everyone at the publishers Allen & Unwin, to the encouragement of the judges, to the continued generosity of the Vogel family and company for funding the award, to the other nominated authors who could not have been more lovely.  I keep waiting for everyone to yell ‘Psyche!’ and push me in a puddle.

The winner was the richly deserving Murray Middleton, whose exceptional collection of short stories, When There’s Nowhere Left To Run, proves yet again that despite what conventional nay-saying wisdom has been bleating on about for the past few years, the short story form is not just still alive, it is happily, proudly thriving.

So, a rare, good week.

And again, not that I’m going steadily mad with hubris or anything, but did Shakespeare ever shortlist in The Australian/Vogel’s Awards? Nope.  Didn’t think so. So that’s one/nil Shakespeare!*

Murry Middleton Cover

IMAGE: When There’s Nowhere Else To Run (Allen & Unwin)

* Don’t wave those exquisite, soul-penetrating works of immortal artistic wonder at me, Shakespeare!  You’ve been riding on those for years.

3 Responses to “Boasting, Hubris, and One Exceptional Birthday Present”

  1. Tom Painter Says:

    Congratulations! Really happy for your success. The excerpt from ‘Sign’ is genuinely beautiful. The use of all Sam’s senses is both wonderfully evocative and entirely fitting for a voiceless point of view. I would love to read the rest when it is published. Once again, fantastic news, richly deserved. Score one against The Bard.

    • Thank you so much, Tom. That is incredibly kind of you to say, and I’m absolutely delighted to hear that you liked it.

      I certainly hope to be able to publish it sometime in the near future. That way it will be free to disappoint and enrage readers everywhere.

  2. Fandango Says:

    Belated congrats – I’ll keep my fingers firmly crossed for you and Sign.

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